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As promised… another one of my hemo mom secrets.

Let me start by saying I was the biggest skeptic before trying this. I thought about what I was hearing and reading from family, and the internet was crazy. I was wrong. Who likes to admit that, right?

This new secret I discovered several months ago is a turmeric oil solution. This oil solution has done wonders for my son's target joints and my husband's bad knees. Turmeric can help reduce inflammation and can be used in several different ways. We already know from my previous post you can cook with it, but who knew you could use it as a rub on problem areas?

Before Grayson's hemophilia diagnosis, we were seeing a rheumatologist. The doctors thought he had juvenile arthritis. They wanted to try different medications to see if there was any relief with his severe joint swelling. My husband and I did not wish to put Grayson on these medications, so we turned to try something wholistic for the inflammation while seeking a second opinion.

After a few times, using the turmeric oil on his joint, inflammation decreased. We have had a few occurrences with what we now know are joint bleeds from hemophilia. Each time Grayson has a bleed, we give him his standard medication, but ALWAYS use the turmeric oil solution on the area as well.

The same goes for my husband. He played baseball (catcher) his entire childhood and into adulthood. Because of this, his knees sometimes give him fits, becoming very sore in inflamed. When he starts to notice the inflammation, he immediately begins using the turmeric oil on is knees for relief.

Now, this relief is not immediate. It does take time for the oil to absorb in the body and begin working to reduce inflammation. Usually, by the second day of use, the swelling is noticeably decreased.

How do you make this solution? I spent hours and hours trying to figure this out. Since the solution I was making was for a three-year-old little boy, I wanted to make sure I knew how much turmeric to put in the carrier oil. I could not find this information anywhere. I stumbled upon a website called mommypotamus, which gave me the exact information I needed. Click here to view the article I got my recipe from. This is an excellent resource for natural remedies (it is even saved in my favorites).

This may not be the case for everyone, which is by no means any type of medical advice. But what did it hurt to try something new? I am so glad I gave it a chance.


Until next time. :)



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