Kids, Crafts & Chronic Illness


Let me tell you...


Let me tell you why crafting with my kids often is so important to me.


Not only does it help teach them to follow directions and learn about new things. It’s helps them express themselves in their own way. Yes, they are only 5 and 3, (almost 😭) but they are their own individuals with their own personalities and should be able to express them.


Now. Let me tell you how this has helped my son with severe hemophilia.


Crafting has become an outlet for Grayson. By crafting I do not mean just coloring in coloring books. Crafting for us has been building with blocks and k’nex, making bird houses, painting aprons, and yes coloring too.


No matter the “craft” this has been a way for him to express himself beyond his illness. We have had numerous conversations while crafting about his port, his weekly factor treatments and how hemophilia makes him feel.


When these conversations happen he is in a calm state of mind and is much more expressive about hemophilia than he normally is. He has a more positive mindset about things and I am able to explain and answer questions much better when he is in such a positive mood.


Growing up with a chronic illness, we have tried to instill communication between us. It is very important that as he becomes older he is able to express his feelings and emotions to my husband and I.


We don’t just talk about hemophilia. We have conversations about tons of other things too.  Some probably need to go down in a comedy book. It’s a good bonding opportunity for my kids and I.


Believe it or not, I have received scrutiny over crafting so much with my kids. I’ve been made fun of and been told I’m “that” mom. It use to bother me but I know I am doing better by my kids, especially seeing how much this time effects them.


I wouldn’t trade it for the world. For crafting ideas with your kids fee free to message me or comment below.

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