Specialty Sisters Talk

We are just two sisters who happen to be educators and advocates for many things.  Megan is a mom of a son with severe hemophilia b.  Erin is a special education teacher.

Our purpose… to raise awareness, support those with different illnesses and conditions, and answer the most common questions we have both gotten over time.

Megan is the founder and CEO of Specialty Tee’s & Co.  She began this business as a way to express her appreciation and show support to a very special community of people.  

“The experience my family had during the process of Grayson being diagnosed with severe hemophilia b was stressful and very emotional. Not just for my husband and I.  It was emotional for Grayson, as well as his younger sister.  There were a few other potential diagnosis prior to the hemophilia. The one thing I noticed in myself was no matter what he was diagnosed with, I wanted to be his biggest supporter and raise as much awareness as I possibly could.  My perspective has changed drastically since my sons diagnosis. I have come to truly realize you never know what someone is going through in life. You should never judge someone without knowing their full story.  I came up with the idea of starting Specialty Tee’s & Co with the purpose of helping others raise awareness for their cause. Everyone deserves the up most support in their journey.  Having a son (and other family members) with a rare disease has taught me that knowledge is crucial.  I strive daily to learn about conditions I did not know existed and to help give positive words and encouragement to those in the community.”

Erin, supporter and sister of Megan, is a special education teacher.  Erin has her masters in special education and working on her 6th year formally teaching students with special needs. 

“When I was 15 I got hired as a swim coach, by 17, I was asked to work with two brothers who were special needs.  I had no idea what that meant since no one gave me any more information about it, but I loved to teach swimming so, why not?  The brothers and that moment changed everything.  It turned out one brother had severe anxiety, and the other brother had autism.  Learning very quickly how to adapt to their needs, how to speak and move with them in the water so they were both comfortable was it.  Now, at almost 30 years old, I realize that was my “aha” moment, but at the time I just thought it was really cool.  Now fast forward through college and i’m here as a special eduction teacher in Naples, FL.  I’ve taught self contained units, and inclusion classes, behavior disorders, personality disorders, and Intellectual disabilities.  I love what I do.  I love the families and the community that comes behind it.  I am a huge advocate for my students and their families.  In school, I may not always have the popular opinion with my superiors, but I always put my students first and push to make them the best version of themselves.”

We are two sisters both driven to help others in our own unique way.  Using our specialties and teaming up together we will be unstoppable.  We are both excited for this journey and can't wait to see what we can accomplish.

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