Springing into Summer Reading

Being at home, especially with school-age children, is a lot of work.  Most of our kiddos and students have been out of physical school since March.

E-learning has it's upsides, but from speaking with most parents, reading is a huge concern because our students aren't getting that small group in reading to help them grow as individual learners.  

Over summer, there is usually a "drop" of knowledge simply because specific knowledge is not activated.  So when we return to school in the fall, there's a slight "review" timeframe to help reactivate all that good stuff they've learned and pull it back to the front of their memory.

I sell a few things on teachers pay teachers BUT parents can use it too! I've made my "skip hop" resource free for everyone click here: FREE SKIP HOP ACTIVITY 

This activity has a lot for teachers and tracking data, but parents go down to the flashcards and use those! It's free!  These start at kinder sight words... have students either print and cut or write on index cards and make their own "hopscotch" pattern.  Students can only move forwards to the next "jump" when they say the word correctly out loud.

It gets them moving, helps them practice reading essential sight words (in the order that they learn them in school), so they can be better prepared when we return to school after the summer break.

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