Who doesn’t like traveling 🤷‍♀️

Be prepared Medical Alert Traveling

I LOVE to travel. I love taking trips to different places and exploring.

Traveling doesn’t always mean going out of town or state on vacation. My husband and I both “travel” to work 35 minutes away from our home. My son’s hematologist is even further than that.

Speaking of Grayson... since his diagnosis of severe hemophilia, traveling, and just riding around town with him in the car has added a little anxiety to my trips.

I have a nagging fear of getting in an accident with him in the car. This is not something I have shared with anyone (other than my husband). But it is the reality of our Hemo life.

I stress, not only about car accidents but about something happening and EMS not knowing my son has a severe bleeding disorder.

He has a medical ID bracelet, but this does not always put me at ease. So one day, I decided I wanted to put a medical alert decal on his car window—just one extra precaution I can take.

Then I thought, how many other people are driving with health issues, which, if in danger, needed extra precaution? So. I have added the medical alert decals on my website.  Check it out. 



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