A Little About Me


Learning someone close to you has any type of illness or disorder can be tough to deal with.  My son's diagnosis of Hemophilia B was a long, and at times, unpleasant journey.


My family, as well as all other families, should always feel supported and show pride in their loved ones.  This brought forth my passion for designing special products.  I decided I wanted to create items for families and friends to support their loved ones in their time of need.


While this is what started my small business, I have grown and learned a number of life lessons.  Two things I try to live by daily are to stay positive and spread kindness as often as I can.


Life can be hard at times.  We never know what others are going through or have already gone through.  I remind myself of our family’s journey and the tough times we faced and how positivity and kindness made a world of difference.  This drives me to make that same difference the best way I know how…making products for others to spread awareness, kindness and positivity.  


With best wishes, Megan