Hemophilia and “The Legend”

Hemophilia B is a rare bleeding disorder in which the body is lacking a clotting factor, factor 9. This clotting factor is what helps the body produce blood clots when it is injured.  With a low factor 9 level, the body does not clot properly.  There are different levels of severity (mild, moderate and severe).  Grayson's is considered severe, meaning he has less than 1% of factor 9 in his blood.  Those with Hemophilia B are prone to easy bruising and joint bleeds amongst other things. He receives a weekly dose of factor replacement to help maintain slightly higher factor levels.  While this is a serious and chronic condition, we strive to provide a normal life for our son.  He is a regular kid and has his own hobbies/passions.  Which leads me into how he got the nickname, The Legend.


Grayson has always had a special love for fishing.  If he could fish 24/7 he would do so in a heart beat as it's become his true passion.  He won in his first ever fishing tournament for ages 5-12.  He was 3.  On his way to winning, people kept coming over to watch him fish off the bank. Almost as exciting as catching the fish were his genuine reactions as if each one was his first.  Not long into the tournament, a couple of the judges began calling him "The Legend."  Since then the name has stuck and has become his new nickname.  

"The Legend" collection was inspired by Grayson.  The passion he has for fishing has been a joy to watch.  This is more than a collection supporting Grayson and his journey with severe Hemophilia B.  It's a testament that illnesses do not define a person.