We Give Back

The purpose of our shop is to help each other find a way to show support for those we love and care about.  

In light of this, Special-Tee's & Co. will donate to a variety of foundations with every item sold.  The organizations who will receive the donations are listed below and will correspond with the items sold (Example: Cure Hemophilia Shirt, donation will be made to Hemophilia Foundation of America).

Hemophilia: Hemophilia Federation of America

Leukemia:  Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Breast Cancer:  American Breast Cancer Foundation

Prostate Cancer: Prostate Cancer Foundation

Ovarian Cancer: National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Lupus: Lupus Foundation of America

Thyroid Disease:  The Magic Foundation

Epilepsy:  Epilepsy Foundation

Alzheimer's:  Alzheimer's Association

Autism: Autism Speaks

Cystic Fibrosis: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation